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Leadership is setting a new direction or vision. Someone that inspires others and has a commitment to the ones they lead. Maxine Waters has only lead our District to MORE CRIME, MORE POVERTY, and a LESSER QUALITY OF LIFE.


I Joe Collins have gained valuable leadership experience in the U.S. NAVY. I’m going to bring that experience back home to our community to REDUCE CRIME, CREATE JOBS, and MAKE YOU PROUD TO SAY “I LIVE IN SOUTH L.A.”.

I support our Country, Military, and President Donald J. Trump


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Using my voice to share your need for change

As your next Congressman, I will start with the rebuilding of South LA! Moving FORWARD in working with businesses in our district to bring in quality paying jobs, working to help rebuild the infrastructure of our communities, to support growth and expansion of housing and businesses. Taking ACTION in helping to ensure our schools receive major funding to overhaul our education program.  And helping the TRANSITION to help rebuild and foster the relationship between law enforcement and our community.

I call this F.A.T. (Forward, Action & Transition)