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Community Relations

Community Relations
Rebuilding community relations with Law Enforcement is essential for not only the betterment of our community, but it also is vital to the future for our children. I believe in fostering the relationship between our local police and residents. We need to have trust and support for the officers that are serving for us. And it is just as important for our local officers to gain the trust and support in us as well.


Community policing is a practice used in many cities across the country that has its officers focus on building ties and working closely with members of the community.  Allowing for involvement with the residents in the cities they serve.


I believe if both we as a community and the local police department step up to this challenge of helping each other, we can be successful in stopping more criminal activity and protecting our residents. Holding our law enforcement accountable for their actions, is a key component in this relationship, but we must also hold ourselves accountable for our own actions for this joint effort to work succesfully.
WIth this step in great needed change for our districts success, it will help in our rebuilding efforts, bring quality jobs to our cities, a change our education system, and provide the support from National Government that is needed to allow us to invest in our future in a safe environment.