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Quality Affordable Education

Our challenge is to provide Americans with a quality and affordable education that rivals all countries. An education system that will provide Americans with the skills and training needed to obtain careers, and become business owners to earn a higher quality of life.

Our young people deserve quality education whether they are in the inner cities or high-class areas. If our youth cannot compete in the American economy then they are going to compete in criminal activities. We will make it possible for all young Americans to compete and succeed. We will ensure our school system, both public and private, are fully equipped with the tools needed to equip our students for success.

The Collins Administration will ensure there is a well-funded budget for the public and private school systems. Equally important we will afford young people the opportunity to earn money for college through serving their communities and their country. We will broaden educational, career, and economic opportunities for students not immediately bound for four-year college.

Student Loan Reform and Debt Elimination

We will not only reform the student loan program, but we are going to create debt elimination programs based on the post-graduation contributions to our country. In essence, when you graduate a four-year college and either go into the corporate world, create a profitable business or join our military, our government will start to eliminate your student debt.

This act will make college more affordable and appealing for millions of students by providing them with access to flexible repayment options with lower interest rates, increasing grants and scholarships coupled with student debt elimination.

New Education Strategies

I will work with President Trump’s Administration to develop educational strategies for improvement based on raising academic standards, improving teaching, increasing parental involvement and expanding the use of technology in the classroom not to mention moving away from standardized testing. We will give schools greater flexibility to use federal aid and develop effective innovative teaching strategies to help students achieve limits beyond their full potential. We will also pass legislation to give our dedicated teachers and instructors the pay they need and deserve. How can educators properly instruct our future leaders, doctors, nurses, and engineers if their mind is on personal matters? Our educators deserve higher salaries.

There is no greater investment than investing in our future.