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As a Navy Veteran, the care and treatment of Veterans is very personal to me. I was fortunate to have had a great support system after leaving the Navy. However, many service men and women do not. Alone, they go through the struggles and demons that a lot of  Veterans endure once returning home. It's a false sense of security to have sacrificed so much, to end up not knowing who to turn to or even worse, who respects the sacrifice you've made.


The call to serve is one that touches the heart and mind. To make the decision to give of yourself for the safety and security of our Country is the ultimate sacrifice.

Many take these men and women for granted. Many don’t realize that these men and women in service are fighting to allow for their freedom for basic privileges. These privileges, that lately seem to be taken for granted in this country.


The military stresses the importance of serving and the importance of helping your fellow comrade beyond their time served. Many Veterans leave the military and feel lost and alone. They feel they no longer have a purpose or the structure that they have provided while serving.

We as a Nation need to support not only those that are active, but also support our Veterans as they enter into civilian life.

In 2016, 20.9 million men and women were veterans. This accounts for about 9 percent of the civilian population, age 18 and over. This means there are 20.9 million (and counting) Veterans that need jobs. Jobs where companies can utilize their top notch  experience and knowledge. They have been trained by the best and have served with the best. In fact, most veteran’s bring a level of leadership that most companies look long and hard to find. Leadership that can make a company have tremendous success.

Our military men and women are true Heros. They do not wear capes and they do not have special powers. They are simply men and women that accepted a call to give of themselves for the betterment of our great nation. We need to honor our heroes by providing them opportunities in our communities. Give the support they need to help them in their civilian life, achieve the same success they achieved while serving our country.  

Together, we must combat issues plaguing Veterans; Issues involving proper medical care, treatment for any issues that may arise after their separation, securing a job, and the support of knowing they're still needed and appreciated in their civilian life. ​


Our Veterans are Heros! Therefore, we need to ensure they are taken care of. It is unimaginable to think that every VA center in the United States is not fully equipped, staffed, and available to assist our Veterans in receiving the proper care they so deserve. Fixing the problems within the VA is a National issue that needs to start locally at every VA center. As a country, we owe them this simple fix.